Meet The Team


-Club Captain: Jade Colton


-Vice Captain: Megan Jones-Gerrard


-Men’s Captain: Harry Thurkettle


-Women’s Captain: Alicia Gulliver


-Marketing Secretary: Jessica Tolkien


-Social Secretary: Rachael Tamblyn


-Community and Welfare Secretary: Phoebe Smithies



Coaching Staff

Matt Phillips 


Matt Phillips began at Gloucester Uni in September 2017 as both a student and coach. Having previous experience with both Rowing and Coaching from his home club Dart Totnes Amateur Rowing Club, Matt took on the challenge with very high aspirations. From coxing since he was 6 years old and rowing since he was 11, Matt was born and bred into a competitive rowing environment, he lives for the thrill of a race and takes pride in every progression made by both his athletes and the club itself.
Matt has been praised for this work ethic from the age of 15 after taking more of an active role in the management and coaching of his home club, and over the years has taken on the roles of Coach, Assistant Coach, Membership Secretary, Water Safety Officer, Web Admin, Social Media Manager and Bar Manager for various periods of time. We are excited to see where Matt can take his next steps in this sport through his coaching role.

What was the pinnacle of your rowing career?

The pinnacle of my rowing career would be my days in a J14 quad, since then my rowing career has been downhill but my coaching career grows stronger by the day.

What’s your current goal as a coach?

My current goal would be to get Glos Uni Rowing Club to a point where they are entirely self sustaining with a healthy income. In order to get to that point I need to do my part and produce the finest athletes and crews that can go to high level events and generate publicity to get the club noticed. 

What do you expect from someone in a session?

I’d expect them to give me their best, I like people to realise their own achievements no matter how small those achievements may be so if I’m pushing someone and they’re giving me their best then that’s all I can ask for.