As a club, we aim to hold regular fundraisers each year. We collect money for the club, at the moment to maintain our use of Gloucester Rowing Club’s facilities, but hopefully one day for us to raise enough money to become a self-sustaining club. We also try to raise money as much as possible for environmental charities that mean a lot to us.

Raising money for the club

In the past year, we’ve raised money for the club through a cash collection at ASDA and a quiz fundraiser where we invited other sports teams and uni students to Yates to raise money for the club.

Raising money for charities

In the past year, the UOG Rowing club rowed 100,000 meters in just one day to raise money for the charity, Plastic Oceans (click the hyperlink to read about our efforts).

Plastic Oceans aim to educate and research to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. As a club we are passionate about this topic, to keep our waterways as clean as possible, so we were happy with completing this in a good time.