Rowing 100K in a day

Ready for a new challenge, the rowers at our club decided to raise money for the charity Plastic Oceans by rowing 100,000 meters in just one day.

As a club, we’re passionate about the topic of reducing plastic pollution in our oceans, wanting our waterways to remain as clean as possible. Plastic Oceans aims to educate and research the reduction of plastic pollution and we’re excited to say we managed to raise £340 for the charity, almost £100 over our target!

The fundraiser consisted of a number of our Novice and Senior members rowing for at least 30 minutes each on an ergo in Oxstalls campus. A few of our members had been awake and training from 6.30am in the morning before rowing towards our 100k, so we were very happy with the long distance row taking only 7 hours and 40 minutes to complete. Our aim was to keep everyone at an average split of around 2.20-2.30 and we ended up going above and beyond this with an average of 2.13.2.

Overall, this fundraiser was a massive success. The rowing team at UOG is proud of everyone who participated for the effort they put in and gives a huge thanks to those who donated to the cause.


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