We are very passionate about our sport and love to have new members join. Since the club was founded in 2012 we have seen a mass growth in participation, starting with a club of eight to now a club of forty – all of whom enjoy a range of training. The rising numbers of rowers have come to a rising cost to running the club.

We are lucky to share facilities and equipment with Gloucester Rowing Club, but our long term aim is to start building our own fleet of boats and owning some equipment which would allow us greater freedom in attending future races. Unfortunately, rowing is an expensive sport with oars costing around £400 for a set, with boats, even second hand running into the thousands.

We are actively seeking sponsors to help us fund our dream of owning our own equipment and aim to start with oars. If you or your company would like to discuss sponsorship options please contact us via uniofglosrowing@gmail.com

– 2016/17 Sponsors – 

We would like to thank The Gym, Bouygues and Buff for supporting us throughout the 2016/17 academic year.