Graduates share their best bits from UOGRC

Some are searching for jobs, others are moving on to a Masters. Covid-19 has left the future for our graduates scary, exciting and unpredictable. With the abrupt end to their final year of studying and rowing for UOG, we feel it’s even more important to give a massive shoutout to our amazing grads who we’re going to miss lots!

We spoke to some of them about their best memories of joining rowing with us at the University of Gloucestershire and the next steps they have now they’ve finished their undergraduate degrees.

Jemma Hextall:

For Jemma, she has a job lined up after getting a job offer in September before starting her final year.

“I have done my bronze, silver and gold employability award and enjoyed my interview. I am moving to Gloucester to stay in the local hospital. After the required two years in the workplace I will be looking at doing my masters and hopefully progress to being an advanced clinical practitioner.”

Michelle Barden:

In terms of next steps for Michelle, she says:

“Uni has been a rollercoaster of experiences and I always thought I’d go back to Corporate Life with a degree and do more of the same. Nothing could be further from my mind, I’ve had the opportunity to try so many new things and avenues just kept opening up, including joining rowing. I’ve applied for the Health Psychology MSc and am hoping that if successful, this will be the next step to HCPC accreditation as a Health Psychologist in a few more years time. One thing I have learned is that I LOVE learning and now I’ve started, I’m not ready to stop!”

Jade Colton:

Similarly to Michelle, Jade plans on continuing on to a Masters after the Summer.

“I’ve received an offer from Oxford Brookes to study a masters in Marketing and Brand Management so I’ll be starting there in September. I aim to continue rowing alongside my studies.”

Harry Thurkettle:

“I did a Sports Therapy degree and I think I’m going to continue with sports therapy to see where it can take me. I’d like to try different sports with it like Motorsport or try a ski season if I can.”

Daniel Gillett:

“After uni I am planing on getting a job, I’m not sure in what sector but just a job for now.”

Torben Beyer:

For Torben, he will be continuing rowing with the Crew Bath senior squad at the University of Bath, where he plans to study sports performance undergraduate degree from September.

Along with everyone mentioned, Heather Sullivan and Sam Hirons and everyone else who has graduated from UOG, we’re saying a massive congratulations and wish you all the best of luck in the future!

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