Wycliffe Small Boats Head 2017

Imagine this, a 2.5km race, nothing unusual there? Now add a 10km row to get to the start line. That’s what our women’s quad and double did on the 1st December at the Wycliffe small boats head. An early and cold start for both the girls crews as they set off from the Gloucester Boat house and down the canal to Wycliffe, collect their numbers and to the start line.

The women’s quad was the first UoG boat off the start line, competing in the tough A category with some tough competition. A strong race by the women’s crew; made up by Alicia, Julia, Amy & Megan; considering the distance that they had already rowed. They managed to take third place, beating fourth place Ross RC by 1 second! The second UoG boat to race was the women’s double in the novice category. The crew was made up of Karen & CC Oonagh. The girls raced well, finishing the course in 6th position.

We would like to thank Wycliffe for hosting a great event, and also Gloucester Rowing Club for the use of the equipment to race.

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