How we keep up with rowing training in Winter

As Summer Regattas come to an end and Autumn Heads and indoor championships begin, erging in the mornings soon will take over from our 6.30am water sessions.

In preparation for indoor championships: Welsh Indoors on 23rd November and BRIC on 7th December, we are focusing on both long distance and high intensity ergs to get our fitness up and ready for the racing season.

Alongside our regular erg training, we are also building up strength and endurance with both our weekly S&C and circuit sessions.

So far this year, we’ve already had some very pretty mornings on the water and we still plan on going on to the water a couple of times each week but our main focus for the next couple of months is working out on the dreaded erg. No pain, no gain!

Last year we had some impressive times in BRIC and Welsh Indoors from our novices and our seniors, with one of our seniors, Megan Jones-Gerrard coming third in the lightweight women’s 2k category in the British Indoor Championships. We hope to train our novices up on the ergo in the next month and hope to see some of them entered into the indoor championships, like last year.

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