Points & Pots at Hereford Regatta

On the weekend, we took a small trip up to Hereford with our friends from Gloucester Rowing Club to compete at Hereford Rowing Club’s annual 1km Regatta and 500m Sprint. With eight categories entered, it was going to be a busy weekend for some of our rowers, all aiming to finish the season with some pots and points on their licence.

Saturday Regatta

The first event up for #TeamGlos was the men’s IM3 1x straight final where Jack Heaver took on a Hereford rower over the 1000m course. From the start, Jack gained a strong lead, with each stroke edging him further ahead. Maintaining this lead, Jack won the race by a comfortable three and a half boat lengths. The second point on his race licence and the first pot and win of the day for the university.

The second race of the day was Florence Stevenson in the W.IM2 1x semi-final against Evesham rowing club. Racing a category up, Florence was determined to make it to the final. After a strong start, Florence took the lead which she maintained for the duration of the race, and securing her a place in the final, verdict win by two lengths. Onto the final, Florence was up against strong opposition in the final against Monmouth. A good performance by Florence but some technical rowing by her opposition saw her miss out of the win by two and a half lengths.

The final race of the day was the men’s IM3.2x straight final with Jack Heaver returning again with his new partner Patrick Tuhy against the Hereford hosts. As the crew reached the 750m mark they were down by half a length, however, a decision by Patrick to up the rating and push through to the finish line, saw the boat make up the deficit and push them just ahead at the finish, with #TeamGlos winning by just 2ft! Another point on Jacks licence pushes him into the IM2 category and Patrick’s first win away from Gloucester waters!

Sunday Sprint

Back at it again for the Sunday with aims of more success saw some extra crews joining those from yesterday for more events over the shorter 500m course. First, race up again was Jack in the now IM2 1x against the club captain Oliver Starkey, from our parent club, Gloucester Rowing club. A very close race between the two Gloucester clubs until the half way mark, where Oliver put down some more power, increased the stroke rate to win the race by one length.

The second race of the day was the novice men’s double formed of Marcus Barker and Luke Packham against Worcester Rowing club. Again, another close race between the two boats, with both crews stepping up their stroke rate and power as they crossed the halfway mark. However, the Worcester crew slightly edge away, winning the race with a final verdict of 2ft.

Next up was the novice women’s double with Charlotte Osborn at the bow and Connie Lawson at stroke against a crew from Hereford. The Gloucestershire ladies from the start gained a considerable lead, in which they maintained against the host crew. One mid-race motivational speech from Charlotte saw the #TeamGlos boat win with a verdict of easily, securing the first win of the day and the girls first points and pots!

The fourth race of the day was Florence, back at it again in the IM2 1x semi-final against a rower from Monmouth. Despite a good start from Florence, the Monmouth rower pulled away as the crews passed the half way line, with the final verdict of one and a half lengths. Still an excellent performance by Florence, racing a category above her usual IM3 status.

The last event of the day was the novice men’s 4+ made up of damn Daniel Watt, Patrick Tuhy, Jack Heaver, Luke Packham and Char Osborn as cox, up against a crew from Bewdley in a straight final. A strong lead, straight from the off, the Gloucestershire crew gained a further and further advantage with each stroke made. With the motivation and on point steering made by Char in the coxing seat, the lads win the race comfortably by two lengths. The lads not only won points on their licence and a pot each but also the Hereford Times Bowl!

Overall a successful weekend for the University Rowing Club, and a perfect way to end our rowing year. Now to start the preparation for the new intake of students at the end of September!

We’d like to thank Hereford Rowing Club for hosting such a great weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and will be back next year for sure! Thanks also to Gloucester Rowing Club for the use of boats and trailer, as well as providing some friendly rivalry! Congratulation to the GRC crews who won their races, and lost their Novice status!

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