Monkton Bluefriars Head

The second head race of the season took the club down to Saltford just outside of Bristol for the Monkton Combe Head race. A total of seven UoG crews entered, all racing the 3,300m long course. The first boats to set off in the morning division were Megan in the W.IM2 1x, Zoonagh in the … Continue reading Monkton Bluefriars Head

Points & Pots at Hereford Regatta

On the weekend, we took a small trip up to Hereford with our friends from Gloucester Rowing Club to compete at Hereford Rowing Club's annual 1km Regatta and 500m Sprint. With eight categories entered, it was going to be a busy weekend for some of our rowers, all aiming to finish the season with some … Continue reading Points & Pots at Hereford Regatta